Oil or Gas, or both!

MPF offers two instruments under CFD Energy: oil and gas.

These two derivatives contracts mirrors contracts traded at NYMEX and are popular contracts in the market. Having a fluctuate daily movement, clients are able to leverage these daily movements for their benefits.


MPF offers fixed spread on both CFD Energy instruments with fixed USD 5 cents for oil and USD 0.8 cents for gas.

Trading Hour

Our oil and energy instruments are based on the movements of NYMEX contracts.

Trading hour for these 2 instruments covers almost 24 hours daily. Oil opens daily, except for US market holiday, at 01:00 (server time) and closes daily at 23:30 (server time). On Fridays, oil is closed at 23:15 (server time).

Gas opens daily, except for US market holiday, at 01:00 (server time) and closes daily at 00:15 (server time). On Fridays, gas is closed at 23:15 (server time).Time shown on MT4 Market Watch is configured to GMT +3 during US Summer Time and GMT +2 during US Winter Time.

Order Size

MPF clients are able to engage CFD Energy trades starting from 0.1 lot for Mini Accounts or equal to 100 barrel for oil and 1 000 mmbtu for gas.

Auto Rollover

All CFD Energy open positions offered by MPF will be automatically rollovered at expiration. Rollover schedule is set 1 day before official exchange’s schedule.

If you wish to not have your open positions rollovered, we advise you to liquidate your open positions before expiration.


Positions left open at the end of trading day will incur swap charges. Depending on your trade positions ( buy or sell ), swap can be in the form or credit or debit.

It is very important to take into consideration that you may benefit or experience losses due to swap. It is possible and common for some instruments to have both negative swap for buy or sell positions.

Swaps are applied automatically to all Trading Accounts and converted into USD. Swaps are applied daily at 23:59 (server time) and 3-day swap ( 3 x swap rates ) is applied at the end of Wednesday trading day.

Swap rates and updated once every week at Monday and will be valid to the nearest weekend.


*Depending on your selected account, consult this with our Representatives.

**May differ under different market scenarios.