US, Hong Kong, Japan Single Stocks CFD

Those who are interested to engage trades in individual company stocks, MPF provides CFD on US, HK, and Japan individual company stocks.

Trades of these instruments are derivatives and margin trade based, and short-selling is supported.

Open positions under CFD Stocks does not give clients the right to obtain physical stocks nor dividends. Settlements are cash-settled.

Price Quotes

MPF provides floating (market) spread for CFD US, HK, and Japan stocks.

Contract Size

Contract size for CFD Stocks is set at 100 stocks for every 1 lot.

Margin Requirement

One of the benefits in CFD Stocks trades is the usage of margin in engaging transactions. Unlike full-margin transactions on stock exchanges, CFD Stocks at MPF only requires Margin Requirement of 7 (seven) percent of Contract Value.

Trading Hours

Trading hours for CFD Stocks are based on respective exchanges’ schedules.

Order Size

Minimum order size is 1 lot or equals to 100 respective stocks.


Positions left open at the end of trading day will incur swap charges. Depending on your trade positions ( buy or sell ), swap can be in the form or credit or debit.

It is very important to take into consideration that you may benefit or experience losses due to swap. It is possible and common for some instruments to have both negative swap for buy or sell positions.

Swaps are applied automatically to all Trading Accounts and converted into USD. Swaps are applied daily at 23:59 (server time) and 3-day swap ( 3 x swap rates ) is applied at the end of Wednesday trading day.

Swap rates and updated once every week at Monday and will be valid to the nearest weekend.